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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ultimate Guide
Microsoft dynamics 365 is a cloud based solution that provides integrated solutions for ERP and CRM to enable businesses automated field services, track leads, improve operations and drive sales. There are two editions of Dynamics 365: Enterprise edition and Business edition. Enterprise edition is best for organizations with at least 250 users while business edition is best for companies with less than 250 users. The cloud based solution brings digital intelligence to every decision that a business make.

Dynamics 365 Features
You can use Dynamics 365 to do the following:
Create graphical email messages
You can customize templates for landing pages and emails. The drag and drop design tools will simplify creation of content and personalize customer experiences to nurture leads. The personalized emails will help generate follow up activities as you launch workflows.
Share information with different teams
You can share information about contacts and leads across your business teams without the need to worry about security. You can also automate follow ups and track progress as you determine how each interaction affects the overall results.

Understand your leads better
You will develop a greater understanding of your market since you can easily view each lead and connect processes. This will help ensure that your marketing data has the latest contacts, the most recent activities and open purchases.
Organize and publicize events

You can keep all information about events, logistics, sessions, sponsors, ticketing and more in a single place where your team can coordinate at ease.
Prioritize leads

You can set up automated rules to automatically identify your priority leads based on the interaction of your events and customers.

Benefits of Dynamics 365
You will get monthly operational cost which is a flexible way rather than having capital costs. This is a cheaper option that can definitely lead to significant saving.

Dynamics 365 will make your business become more productive since it offers direct insights to help you make better decisions. The combination of CRM, ERP, office and additional apps into a single pane will make your work easier and more productive.

Ease of use
Dynamics 365 is specifically based on Microsoft app source where you can search and find the app that you require. When your needs change, you can search and choose your preferred app with no hassle.

Dynamics 365 features robust security and controls for apps that are built into cloud services including network connectivity, physical data center, administrator access and service hosting platform.

Dynamics 365 Apps
The functionalities of dynamics 365 are broken down to individual apps each covering specific processes. The following Apps works together within dynamics 365 allowing businesses manage all operations within a single comprehensive solution.

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain and Finance
This app offers capabilities to manage critical processes to enable businesses plan and manage finances, warehousing and transport operations effectively.

Dynamics 365 Business Central
This app contains tools that organizations needs to manage back to end operations including warehousing, manufacturing and management of the supply chain.

Dynamics 365 for Retail
This app allows creation of immersive customer experiences, outstanding services and optimization of business operations.

Dynamics 365 for Talent
This app is integrated with LinkedIn. It helps employers find the right employees and streamlines hiring processes while increasing engagement.

Dynamics 365 for Sales
This app is a sales and management system that offer insights into relationships with customers and helps in generation of leads.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
This App helps in personalization when engaging with customers. Some of its built in features includes recommendations, scripting information and ease of access to knowledge bases.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
This app contains all features that a business requires to plan and execute marketing strategies including management of landing pages, email campaigns, events and marketing strategies. The app features various marketing automation tools that help businesses market more effectively.

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