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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The question of the year continues to burn through the internet as this product becomes more and more popular. Just what exactly is Business Central? Or even better, its formal name is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It seems to be one of the hottest commodities for businesses to have and has the world craving for more from the Dynamics 365 line up of products. Business Central for short is the way to do business. If you are looking to go completely into the cloud and have more capabilities than Salesforce and QuickBooks combined, then Business Central is the solution you are looking for. The former on-premise version of Business Central is Dynamics AX which requires on premise equipment of servers and staff to maintain the servers. Those strings have been cut, and the new purely in-cloud version is Business Central with more features than the former on-premise version.  
Business central is a central hub that connects multiple platforms into one solution.  Finance, operations, service, and sales all connected under one platform to produce rapid solutions. Get critical insights from within the flow of business. Business intelligence on steroids when you need it with real-time dashboards including KPIs. Process automation is improved through real-time system suggestions that are based on historical data to assist employees with their day-to-day work processes. These workflows are integrated with audit trails, enterprise-level security, and artificial intelligence. Seamless process flows through its connectivity with Microsoft 365. Examples of this process is quote-to-cash workflow which allows quotes to be sent and received using native Outlook with Business Central integration. Take team meetings to the next level with Microsoft Teams integration that allows the sharing of business data within Teams chat sessions and teams channels. All data and integrations done in real-time to cut down on lag including response times are increased.

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